• Empowering the talented workforce of tomorrow

    GSR is the world's first global database based on skills , qualification and certification.

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  • Aligned with UNESCO’s goals

    GSR is aligned with UNESCO's goal of quality education and economic growth. With GSR, candidates can verify their credentials at one place which will increase the credibility of job portals by verifying candidates on a global platform.

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  • Quality talent offerings for employers

    GSR is not only an empowering tool for candidates but also for employers who need to verify candidates before hiring them. No more worrying about fake resumes - trust in your team members' validation through GSR!

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We want to make skills verification easy and accessible for everyone, no matter who you are or where you are in the world.


Earn the respect you deserve. Show off your Skills confidently with GSR

Don't let your skills go unnoticed. Global Skill Register is a global database that allows verification of skills. This increases your credibility and makes you a more attractive candidate for employers to hire.

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Faster hiring with GSR

With GSR, you can now hire qualified professionals without wasting your time on screening and interviewing manually. You also get to verify their qualifications at a global platform, which increases the credibility of your job portal.

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Who we are?

UNESCO is planning to set forth quality education and Jobs for all by 2030 worldwide. GSR is a Non Profit Entity willing to contribute prominently in this Welfare cause and trying to align with UNESCO’s goals using technology & Innovation as a tool. This ingenious idea is to bring more economical stability through educating bigger mass of the world. GSR caters sponsorship for deprived and disadvantaged aspirants and has arranged a single platform to all global professionals to recognize their professional skills. Furthermore, the aspirants will get global job access as we are gratifying exclusively career mapping through a global database of skilled professionals. GSR has elevated the reasons for all to get skills accreditations and validation without any boundaries limitations for all.

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